Vaccine Solution

smart assets vax

“Our goal is to support professionals and patient trust in the integrity and efficacy of the vaccine supply chain.”
Doug Miller, PSignite CEO

Covid-19 vaccine distribution has burdened our existing supply chain

  • 15 billion doses delivered in under a year, 2 to each human on the planet
  • Cold storage is expensive and limited, and complex requirements vary by vaccine

Smart Assets VAX ensures cold chain participants are notified, can make informed decisions, and are able to act in real-time to ensure safe vaccine delivery to the public. Deeper insights into vaccine inventory levels by asset, available storage capacity by location, and critical freezer performance data are now available on a unified platform.

Our innovative solution was created specifically for Salesforce, and it works with Service Cloud and Vaccine Cloud, including for Vaccines. These platforms are being used within the public sector and by healthcare providers to roll out vaccines from appointment scheduling through follow-up and inventory tracking, and Smart Assets VAX augments this management by linking in critical cold storage asset data. This gives vaccine program administrators and healthcare workers a single view to carefully manage every vial of vaccine.

The largest vaccine launch in history is flush with new challenges

  • Where are my lots of vaccines stored or in transit at any given time, and how do I protect them from accidental or malicious threats?
  • Do I have enough cold storage capacity by location to meet my supply and demand?
  • Can I identify when one of my freezers is about to fail, and where can I move my vaccine for safe storage

Whether cold storage containers are in transit or stationary, Smart Assets VAX answers many relevant questions. Today, cold storage asset data, if it exists at all, is not in the same system as inventory and scheduling information making it difficult to track vaccines. Effective distribution planning requires understanding supply, demand, available inventory, and storage capacity. Smart Assets VAX brings all this data together to more effectively manage vaccine distribution. The objective is to maximize vaccine doses delivered to the public.

Compliance failures within the cold chain destroys vaccines

  • 1,900 doses of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine are spoiled at a VA Medical Center in Boston after a freezer there failed.
  • In late December, a pharmacist admitted to intentionally removing the vaccine from refrigeration.
  • 16,000 doses in Milwaukee were rendered useless after freezers failed to maintain correct temperatures.

Accidents happen. Worse, malicious acts occur. Abnormal or unauthorized freezer location, temperature, power, and door open/close changes threaten vaccine integrity. Early notification is the best defense against vaccine loss.

Smart Assets VAX continuously tracks and monitors freezer location and critical performance factors in real-time allowing for corrective actions to be triggered automatically via workflow in Salesforce Service Cloud and for Vaccine. Minimize disruption of your vaccine roll-out by providing actionable insights that optimize your cold storage assets.

Effective business solutions deliver seamless integration across the supply chain

PSignite joins forces with key partners to bridge a critical gap in Vaccine Management (VAXM). Cold storage asset location and performance data streamed from IoT-device monitored freezers are linked by Smart Assets VAX to inventory, lot, and demand data in for Vaccines.

This creates a full complement of the necessary information to effectively manage vaccine compliance and distribution. Smart Assets VAX provides a robust rules engine, alerts and notifications, reports, analytics, and integrations necessary to ensure vaccine reliability and safety from the manufacturer to consumption by the public.

To aid in the implementation of Smart Assets VAX, PSignite is aligned with PolSource. PolSource is a longtime Salesforce Platinum Partner known for professionalism and multi-cloud expertise across Salesforce platforms. PolSource has worked with many trusted Healthcare and Life Science brands around the world.

“We’re thrilled to be part of the effort to leverage Salesforce Vaccine Cloud solutions that expedite vaccine management programs, Both PolSource and PSignite bring invaluable expertise and experience to this critical mission.”

Adam Bartkowski, PolSource Founder & CEO and PSignite Chairman of the Board