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Smart Assets CG

Consumer Goods cold storage monitoring

Transform your CPG competitive advantage with Smart Assets CG from PSignite

Increase the ROI of your Branded Assets

Consumer Goods Manufacturers invest millions in branded refrigerated assets and provide to a variety of outlets for minimal or zero cost in the hope of driving additional revenue. Hope is not a strategy.

Get Visibility

Low-cost IoT technology now makes it affordable to connect all of your assets to the cloud and allows monitoring of key sensor and performance data to improve asset ROI. Basic data such as temperature and location can protect your brand and reduce theft. Diagnostics data such as power consumption, noise, and vibration along with analytics can predict future failures. Adding peripherals such as barcode scanners, cameras, and RFID can finally provide inventory visibility outside of point of sale systems leading to automated ordering, reduction in stock outs, and even planogram compliance initiatives.

Location Analytics

Ensure assets are located in areas that will naturally drive sales. Smart Assets provides geo-popularity heat maps for many categories including eating, nightlife, and sightseeing to help account managers position their assets in the best locations. Machine learning models can rank your best performing assets and recommend where to move poorly performing assets or create ROI justification for purchasing and placing new assets.

Intelligent Applications for Business

Configurable Alerts, Rules, and Workflow

While most IoT vendors provide alerts, they fail to automate your business processes. When Smart Assets CG senses an asset is not powered on as it should be, it automatically sends a service request informing the account manager to visit the outlet. When asset power consumption is excessive, Smart Assets CG recognizes this is likely due to a failing compressor and automatically initiates a service ticket to be sent to the maintenance company thereby avoiding asset
failure. Smart Assets CG has a powerful rules engine and workflow designer that allows you to easily create sophisticated business processes related to any sensor data.

Sales & Inventory Analytics

Smart Assets CG captures asset inventory data and provides you valuable insights into your best performing assets by location and by type of outlet. It also projects asset revenue and margin leading to true ROI measurements. Smart Assets CG captures stock-out events and automatically sends replenishment orders to your account manager. And integrated asset cameras capture product mix and planogram compliance reducing in-store visits by account managers.

Smart Assets CG from PSignite

Smart Assets CG from PSignite is a onestop solution for all your hardware and software needs to manage the life-cycle of your refrigerated assets from initial onboarding to monitoring to servicing and decommissioning as well as driving incremental revenue through sales and inventory analytics


  • \Reduce stock-outs
  • \Improve customer experience
  • \Increase asset utilization
  • \Brand protection
  • \Increase the ROI of your fleet of branded refrigerated assets in the field
  • \Increase product sales revenue by optimizing location of assets
  • \Protect Brand by ensuring your products are always at the correct temperature
  • \Reduce theft by alerting to unauthorized asset movements
  • \Increase asset life by monitoring key diagnostics data and scheduling preventative maintenance tasks

Hardware Technical Specifications

PSignite works with many hardware partners around the world to deliver off-the-shelf sensors and connectivity products. Below is a description of some of the more common options and packs. Customers may always BYOD (bring your own device) as we have open API’s to allow connection to any IoT platform.



Temperature Measure internet temperatures with ranges between -15C – 45c
Accelerometer Measure movement and vibration
Door Sensor Gather information on door opening and closing
Ambient Light Photodetector that is used to sense the amount of ambient light
present, and appropriately dim the device’s light to match it.
Location (cell) Using wifi, BT, and cell tower data to calculate asset location.
Accuracy is the dependant number of signals
Location (GPS) Use GPS satellites to gather exact locations.



Bluetooth Photodetector that is used to sense the amount of ambient light
present, and appropriately dim the device’s light to match it.
WiFi Using wifi, BT, and cell tower data to calculate asset location.
Accuracy is the dependant number of signals
GSM (Cellular) Use GPS satellites to gather exact locations.

Self Install Kits

PSignite provides several pre-packaged self-install kits to provide a rapid return on investment.

Starter Packs

A self-contained battery-powered device that measures internal temperature, door open/close, vibration, and ambient light. Data can be collected via Bluetooth using a virtual gateway such as a mobile app and delivered to the cloud. This is a cost-effective solution for use cases that do not require an always-on connection and real-time alerts. There is an option to add a sim card and data plan if direct connections are required.


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