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We often wake up to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency news, but the underlying technology (Blockchain) can tremendously change organizations to make their operations effective and efficient. Blockchain is a small part of an end-to-end business process distributed to multiple parties without incurring too many expenses on infrastructure.

It is entirely secure, auditable, and allows for monitoring by a central ‘governor’. In a nutshell, Blockchain enables the flow of transactions across multiple parties without compromising data security.

How can Blockchain improve business processes and efficiency?

Blockchain can be harness to improve business processes and efficiency. It uses distributed ledger technology, allowing permissioned participants to simultaneously access the same information, thus improving efficiency, building trust, and removing friction.

Many businesses also use blockchain technology to scale and size their operations rapidly.

Which business sectors can benefit from the Blockchain architecture?

Blockchain technology applies to virtually every industry. Be it agriculture, banking, healthcare, mining, retail, e-commerce, transport, and the logistics-the list goes on.

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