About Us

We’re fueled by industry demand for more intelligent and smarter applications.


        PSignite is led by Industry, Product and Salesforce experts. Our focus today is on delivering state-of-the-art solutions for CPG. The most important aspects of optimizing trade promotions are knowing promotions are performing as planned and having the capability to optimize promotions based on real-time visibility from connected systems.

        With PSignite Optimizer CG companies can see exactly how well their promoted items are performing. PSignite’s cloud-based Optimizer CG solution integrates with Salesforce CG Cloud and other relevant ERP and business solutions.

        Our history includes building products on Salesforce for leading AppExchange partners including CPG Vision and PolSource. We’re fueled by industry demand for smarter applications which leverage the Salesforce platform to fuse data with AI/ML, IoT and Blockchain technologies to provide workflow-driven solutions with deep analytics.

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          Regional office


          Regional office

          Our Team of Innovators

            Mike Mellin - Chief Executive Officer

            Robert Bower - VP of Marketing

            Ira Davies - VP of Sales

            Bartosz Dudziak - VP of Product Development

            Alan Lindsay - VP Product Management

            Wojciech Migas - Chief Architect

            Our Board of Directors

              Adam Bartkowski - Board Chairman

              Krzysztof Waśniowski - Board Member

              Paul Andrew - Board Member

              Art Roldan - Board Member